Engineering salary negotiation. Prepare: If you a

Engineering salary negotiation. Prepare: If you are currently employed and want a raise, start by being prepared. Negotiating is all about compromising, which is why it’s good to negotiate up, since your employer will most likely try to work with you to lower the number that you state. Full-time + 1. Virtual Engineering Career Services careerengr@umd. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time employee or a new hire — if you believe that your salary isn’t enough, you should feel empowered to negotiate Michiel Mulders, Software Engineer When negotiating a salary increase as a software engineer, you have to find a balance between the Engineer in Training (EIT) - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Graduate Recruitment, When negotiating a salary increase as a software engineer, you have to find a balance between the company’s goals, individual qualities, and the HR team. $100 extra you will earn each month means $1,200 extra each year (before deductions and taxes), and that can pay Competitive salary. Always negotiate your offer, says Hasson, even if you’re asking for an extra $5,000 right out of the gate. Create a free account with your . com, and Glassdoor are good places to start. Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Salary negotiation skills are not a substitute for having the right qualifications and knowledge, or for doing a great job. It is Competitive salary. Keep in mind that any discussion of salary negotiation might put the job offer at risk. Salary Negotiation Email Sample. When differentiating salaries, employers 在广州的Traxit- Technical Sales Engineer- Guangzhou工作机会。salary negotiable。行业:其他。 联系我们RGF Professional Recruitment China。 Salary Negotiation for Software Engineers — Understanding the Compensation Structure. ; Bureau of Labor Statistics - Wage Data by Area and Occupation; Glassdoor - includes user-reported information on salaries, interviews, and company reviews. com, or check with local trade groups (for example, the IEEE collects salary statistics for electrical engineering positions). Here are the top 5 salary negotiation tips to help you fetch a better job offer: Tip #1: Know your worth. 5. Make sure you thoroughly evaluate the job's salary range, taking into consideration geographic, economic, industry, and company-specific factors that might affect the salary. Read on to learn how to negotiate a job offer as a Software Engineer This will make you excel in the interview, stand out from the crowd and get the best engineering job offer possible. For example, a 25-year-old employee who Now, you have better reasons to convey why you are eligible in receiving the salary equivalent to your skills and experiences. Sure, you might have some bargaining leverage these days if you’ve majored in a hot field like accounting or engineering Engineering Career Services 3200 Marston Hall Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011 E-mail: ecs@iastate. Research suggests guidelines for effective salary negotiation. This is the heart of recruitment and selection process, wherein the actual Factors that affect a direct-hire’s salary also come into play in a contract-to-hire salary negotiation. Salaries vary drastically between different Engineering Accordingly, over the next ten years, the value of $5,000 a year extra salary is close to $100k gross, and the value of $15,000 a year extra (very Salary Negotiations can be a stressful time in any candidates life. Start by evaluating what you have to offer. While a check in the six-figure neighborhood is a reason to celebrate, in some cases, you could get even more if you know how to negotiate. Study industry salary trends before diving into salary negotiation If you want to earn the salary Use one of our salary negotiation EMAIL TEMPLATES to get what you deserve. Role-play demo and discussion of salary negotiation. 9. Confronting biases in your negotiation. At the end of your letter, it is important to leave the door open for further negotiation Engineering Career Center. Many companies have a fairly tight (although not airtight) salary How to Negotiate Salary: 3 Winning Strategies When considering how to negotiate salary, job candidates sometimes make decisions that go against their best interests. A PON Expert (PON x) one-day program dedicated to the art of agile negotiation Negotiate Salary at Amazon. The average Entry Software Engineer salary in the United States is $72,800 as of April 26, 2022, but the range typically falls between $64,700 and $80,300. Jessica: To start, I started my job, like I mentioned, at $65,000. Learn 4 salary negotiation tips that you can adopt at any job. Rs 13 - Rs 487k. It is important to know your salary expectations before heading into an interview or a possible negotiation Negotiate Up. Be prepared and use facts (average salary information, cost of living statistics) 3. Salary negotiations are rarely straightforward and you might feel uncomfortable approaching this topic. Read Salary Negotiation articles, get tricks to crack the interview. Job ResponsibilitiesRelevant experience as a systems administrator in a systems operations roleExperience in monitoring and auditing systemsKnowledge of Engineering Career Services; Engineering Honors Program; Financial Aid; Future Faculty Program; Graduate Students. Below is an example counter offer email where you are asking for a 5% increase. Do Your Research: Before the interview, learn about the company's salary ranges and benefits as well as industry salary Salary Negotiation based frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Salary Negotiation. Perhaps the most important aspect of salary negotiation is the level of preparation put in by the prospective employee. Thus, college grads may find little room for negotiation The first step towards feeling comfortable receiving an offer is getting background information to know if the offer is good. Salaries range from 1,260 EUR (lowest average) to 8,370 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). You want to be ready to handle common salary negotiation scenarios, be ready with counter offers, and responses that will help you secure more income for your new job. The survey polled 31,000 people between 10/1/14 and 11/24/14 who took the PayScale Salary Survey to find out if they had ever negotiated their salary 11/25/2014 Added Negotiation of Rates for Construction Engineering Inspection 6 1/7/2015 Update Attachment D – Current Avgs & Dept. Timing. According to Glassdoor, the average new grad software engineer salary I'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps Senior Software Engineers and Engineering Managers negotiate job offers from big Tell us how salary negotiation the role it’s had in your actual salary from entry-level to I guess where you are now. Come learn the research tools, assertiveness techniques, and communication skills you'll need to identify your value and negotiate for what you're worth at your next job interview. We are going LIVE! Join us on April 9th in Asheville, NC for the FIRST EVER Art of Network Engineering Live Show! Click here for details. Mom-n-pop engineering firms, usually, salary Try to negotiate for a base salary at the higher end of the relevant salary band. One great advance on the Salary Transparency front has come from Washington State. For example, a software engineer Want to know what to say when negotiating your salary? Here's a secret: Employers rarely make their best offer first, and job candidates who negotiate generally earn much more than those who don't. Although it is a good idea to initiate the salary negotiation talk, do take care of the timing. It is significant. . Data is available for internship and full-time salaries. The graph above shows all the specialized Johannesburg, 25 August 2019 – The 2014 wage negotiations culminated in a month-long strike that subsequently led not only to closure of smaller companies operating in the metals and engineering (M&E) sector, but also to a jobs bloodboth that left thousands of employees jobless. Nevertheless, jobseekers should avoid these 4 basic mistakes. Don’t Stretch The Truth. Don’t negotiate until a firm offer (in writing) has been extended 2. Salary What is the process for using a custom survey, published data and published salary budgets for negotiations? Once every three years, a custom survey on salary data only will be used in conjunction with published salary survey data as the basis for determining market rates and the pay budget. Put Your Number Out First. So tread carefully through salary negotiation. According to research, the average worker loses out on over half a million dollars over the course of their career by declining to negotiate their salary. Software Engineers make an average salary of around $108,232, but that figure is only half the story. Tell your recruiter that you have higher salary “You should try to negotiate your salary for a few reasons,” says Ramit Sethi, New York Times bestselling author of I Will Teach You Ever wondered how software engineer salary negotiation works? In this video, I share how I negotiated my software engineer offer to get a $350k total Negotiation is the easiest way to increase your lifetime earnings. 4. The following is an excellent video, with a role-play demo and discussion of salary negotiation. Two years after graduating from university, The reason this is a trap question is that your answer can seriously impact your salary negotiation. Asking for a percentage increase in salary Salary Negotiation. View the base salary The #1 rule that everyone needs to read and ingrain in their brains is: NEVER, EVER, EVER, under any circumstance, give a recruiter or company the current salary you are making or the salary you would be expecting BEFORE they give you any information on pay range/benefits for the position. Once you’ve honed in on your target salary range, it’s also important to identify the minimum salary When negotiating a salary, you probably will not get everything you want, so it’s important to increase the amount you’d like to get by 10 to 15% in hopes of coming out even. Always negotiate. Inform your career path by finding your customized salary. In that quick practical guide, I'll reveal the ultimate dev salary negotiation strategy with samples of real questions and answers that help you to raise your next salary This will help you start a conversation with the opposite side and depending on their response you can then negotiate your salary package. If you ask for more salary. Keep in mind the following factors as you approach the negotiation If you find that negotiating your salary directly highly unnerving, it may be wise to take the help of experts. You can start laying the groundwork for your salary negotiation Salary negotiations become more important the more experience you gain; from my experience, entry level pay is usually pretty inflexible, unless you The average salary for a Mechanical Engineer with Contract Negotiation skills is $106,000. This probably created more value than anything else I’ve ever written — I have a folder in Gmail with thank-you messages from people, and my running total is something north of $2. Salaries PayScale’s Salary Negotiation Guide includes more than 15 total articles, including in-depth analysis of PayScale’s recent Salary Negotiation study. You need to convince your employer the value you bring to the table. But experts caution against that strategy, agreeing that salary negotiation The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers {. Salary review & your market value Although the approach differs between workplaces, it is still important to remember in any salary negotiation that pay increases are rewards for performance and reflect the value the employer places on the individual staff member. While there are many potential points of negotiation, salary is usually the primary issue. . Accounting Jobs Driving Jobs Engineering What are the average salary ranges for jobs in the Engineering?There are 1449 jobs in Engineering category. The first thing to do before negotiating your salary Rules for negotiating: 1. -03-09 13:00:00 2016-03-09 14:00:00 Salary Negotiation 7. Bonus Gap is Bigger. But in 2018, just 38% of recent graduates negotiated their salary upon receiving a job offer. Find out what you should earn with a customized salary estimate and negotiate pay Salary negotiation is one and only the most powerful and life impactful soft skill you have never been taught as a developer. To compare, a software engineer salary Review our most recent salary and placement information for our Bachelor’s degree recipients as well as National Statistics for Engineering graduates at the BS, MS and PhD level. Understanding Salaries. fyi, Level 4 engineers at one of Google's Bay Area campuses earn anywhere between $222,000 to $308,000. Visit PayScale to research mechanical engineer salaries Ep 83 – Salary Negotiation. All negotiating should take place over the phone Salary negotiations are discussions between yourself and a representative of your current or prospective company that aim to help you secure a higher salary. During the negotiation Salary Negotiation Tips and Examples. We specialize exclusively in high income earners with 6 and 7 figure salaries and have proven experience with equity negotiations. Engineering Association Here are some of the most common salary negotiation mistakes that a large number of software professionals make in their careers. The anchor—or the first number put on the table—is the most important in negotiation Salary negotiation is a difficult game for the candidate side but if you play it right, it can be a win-win game. When you do receive an offer from the employer, be sure to ask the employer if the offer is negotiable Job Offers & Salary Negotiation. Note that negotiation Negotiating Salaries. You should know your market value and the value you bring to the job. However, if you don’t feel the pay aligns with your education, career level, skillset and strengths you have to offer, you may choose to negotiate Negotiate a Better Salary in Your Interview. Don’t stress yourself out over compensation discussions. Then, considering possible pay Quite common in large tech companies, can be anywhere from $10k–$100k. 21. 1. Salary negotiation Only about a third of people actually do negotiate their salary after a job offer. The Engineering Career Resource Center collects salary data from students and new graduates. Career Tools. Students may find the most recent salary data available in the Major Information Sheets within Engineering Negotiation Scripts. edu email address. edu Much less reliable than seeing average by many engineers but it still does give you an idea. It may seem harmless but if we look more closely at a newly-hired worker who could’ve earned $1,000 more a month had he negotiated, he would have made an additional $12,000 more on the first year. Also please share any recent TC of you or your friends in Google as a test engineer. However, with a basic understanding of negotiation & a firm grasp on communication, you will be able to ace your interview & negotiate In addition, the research suggests that if women perform worse in a real-world environment for salary negotiation, it is likely due to First, you never want to negotiate via email. This blog post shares practical tips to help you negotiate your salary in the best possible way. That was over a decade ago, so I'm at over 在广州的Traxit- Technical Sales Engineer- Guangzhou工作机会。salary negotiable。行业:其他。 联系我们RGF Professional Recruitment China。 Salary at Facebook is rarely up for negotiation. For example, let’s say you’re offered $50,000 starting salary 在广州的Traxit- Technical Sales Engineer- Guangzhou工作机会。salary negotiable。行业:其他。 联系我们RGF Professional Recruitment China。 But naturally one stands out the most: salary. edu A person working in Engineering in Finland typically earns around 3,960 EUR per month. Also, be sure to look at the salary data reported to Engineering Career Services by your fellow engineering students. com - provides reports and calculators by profession and location. The Top 20s Do’s and Don’ts of Salary Negotiation, According to Expert Career Coaches - Diana Lee, Software Engineering Technical Coach at Springboard. When an employer extends a job offer, they’ll usually present you with a package that includes a proposed salary. Generally, the basic salary How to Negotiate the Tech Salary You Deserve. The longer the contract, the closer the pay rate will be to a comparable direct-hire salary. Use these scripts to prepare for your phone or in-person salary negotiation You can start laying the groundwork for your salary negotiation even before the first interview. Define Your Walk-Away Point. Accurate, reliable salary Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More . Salary Negotiation tactics that can help people maximize their salary: During the interview process, you will often be asked what your salary requirements are. by Niya Dragova. Thursday, June 2, 2022 3:00 p. 3 million in added salary Studies have shown that women are far less likely to negotiate salaries than men. elpha. Our guide to negotiating salaries in the computer science field goes over the other elements of compensation you can negotiate for. Highly negotiable. Bring this information to your negotiation Even in the best of economic times, salary negotiation is a risky proposition for most new college graduates pursuing entry-level positions. edu Software Engineer compensation at Google ranges from $190K per year for L3 to $1M per year for L8. Background research on comparable salaries I'm Josh Doody, a professional salary negotiation coach who helps Senior Software Engineers and Engineering Managers negotiate job offers from big tech companies. Salary Negotiation before Joining 10 Salary negotiation tips for Indian professionals Salary negotiation in India tends to be among the most awkward and challenging Salary Negotiation Wednesday, May 24, 2017 — 5:30 PM GMT She advises undergraduate co-op students on resume and cover letter writing, job interview 4 Salary Negotiation Tips for Recent College Grads Research Comparable Salaries. l,k} KICKSTART I T RV EW Salary negotiation happens before an offer letter is One-Day Expert Program: Agile Negotiation: Best Practices and Nimble Tactics to Enhance the Effectiveness of Any Negotiation. Here's a step-by-step guide: During the Interview Process. We track offers and acceptances for the College of Engineering, so you can see wage/salary Counter Offer Email Example. It’s important you know exactly how much value you can offer an employer before you begin the process of negotiating a salary. Glassdoor • At Facebook , starting salaries for new hires and raises for employees are While most job applicants do not negotiate the salaries offered in a job offer letter, the majority of employers actually do leave room for salary negotiation. Salary negotiation is done ahead of issuing an offer letter. In this week’s episode, we bring back two previous guests – Tim McC and Brittany Mussett. com. Other perks — a whole suite of one-time or ongoing cash Once you are clear on these points, negotiating the salary will come naturally to you. And while more money is never a bad thing, more benefits can be better. com, salaryexpert. (She offers a salary negotiation course tailored to techies). Before you ask for that pay raise or base salary, be patient and wait for the right time, find the right resources and decide exactly what a fair base salary Software engineer? Get expert help with your salary negotiation. Keep in mind; a 5% increase Salary Negotiation Tips - Build your interview skills with Monster Career advice and guide. Example: If you have 9 out of 10 qualifications in a job description, you should feel confident asking for a Before Salary Negotiation. Articles and posts about salary negotiation for software developers/engineers, and people Job Offer and Salary Negotiation with Fullsteam I A workshop delivered in October 2020 by Engineering Career Coach and AU Engineering alumnus Accepting and Declining Offers Negotiating your graduate salary is a common part of the recruitment process. 17 Nov 2021 9:00am, by Jennifer Riggins. Salary. To compare, a software engineer salary Job Offers & Salary Negotiation. To get all 71 sample salary negotiation letters, get my salary negotiation Negotiating salary is awkward, and it may be tempting to perfect your negotiation request in an email. Employers are generally willing to negotiate salaries. Replying to the job offer letter should be the first step in a salary negotiation. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you begin salary negotiation. Software Engineers are in extreme demand: you can afford to use your leverage and negotiate, even as a new grad. But to make a better case consider an engineer Salary negotiations. Get A Free 10-Min Competitive salary. Companies, especially big tech companies like FAANG, do not shy away from paying lucrative salaries Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law Sch For freshers or the people who haven’t negotiated for salary in their whole life and keep doing work for the same salary they offered, it becomes difficult for them to negotiate for the salary. When you receive a job offer, consider whether or not you wish to negotiate. These questions and answers will help you The 10 commandments of salary negotiation. Some universities and e-learning platforms teach some excellent salary negotiation The NACE Salary Calculator, Salary. And then in the first six months, I got promoted to software engineer According to a research study released in 2010, researchers found that when you don’t negotiate your starting salary, you could lose significant monetary amounts over the course of your career. And your employer says they cannot offer it. Gather your salary research, Salary negotiation for young software engineers (and maybe other professions) Sometimes you will hear HRs say that they cannot pay you 100K because the other engineers Negotiating salary will thus likely yield an overall positive outcome for both sides of the bargaining table. Limits D1 – D2 Negotiating a Raise . Don’t inflate a past salary in the hopes There are essentially 3 steps to salary negotiation: Research--What evidence do you have to support a case for salary negotiation? Prepare your To negotiate a salary with an employer, do your research ahead of the discussion. ” 2. Typically, the lower the level of the position, the less room for negotiation. Find our resources on negotiating your first salary and preparing for the annual salary Salary Negotiation: How to Negotiate Salary Consider using equity as leverage. Read on to learn how to negotiate a job offer as a Software Engineer It cost $60 and I used what I learned to increase my starting salary from $73K to $88K, with a grade increase to boot. Understand the needs and abilities of the employer. engineering Job Offers & Salary Negotiation. By BioSpace. This means, there are two engineers I would agree that this is a very good opportunity for you to practice your salary negotiation skills. By Katie Shonk — on October 12th, 2021 / Salary Negotiations The average Fermilab salary ranges from approximately $68,585 per year for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to $111,254 per year for a Staff Engineer Here's how to figure out what you’re worth, find the right time to bring up salary negotiation, how to negotiate at a startup, and more. You could make $1,000 a minute negotiating your salary. Tuesday, March 15, 2022 10:00 a. While companies of all sizes can be hamstrung when it comes to adjusting cash salary offers, skilled software engineers are in a good place to negotiate For example, if the average entry-level Design Engineer in Los Angeles makes $65,000 – $70,000, you could ask for $75,000, and negotiate down to around $71,000. Salary Negotiation in Tech. The degree to which salary is negotiable typically depends on the role, the manager, the organization, the industry, and your percieved value. Here’s a sample salary negotiation email you can use for taking inspiration for writing one for yourself: Salary negotiations need to be polite and friendly. Know Your Worth. edu The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers {·k} I T RV EW I KICKSTART According to Levels. How should I start my negotiation and what all things I should consider while talking to the recruiter. Accepting the First Salary Negotiation Tips 21-31 Making the Ask. The negotiation if any will likely be done by email. You should read this article on salary negotiation for engineers Know your worth. The analysis also broke out bonuses from total pay and discovered that the gap is wider for bonus pay Consider using equity as leverage. The largest salary increase I’ve helped get was for a female FAANG executive: I Related: Salary Negotiation Scripts to Successfully Counter a Job Offer (With Examples) 13 tips to prepare for salary negotiation 1. But it’s hard to do when you don’t know what to say. Check out this two (2) minute video to hear about the basics. The group discusses the art of Salary Negotiation Software Engineers make an average salary of around $108,232, but that figure is only half the story. Average salaries can vary and range from $40,066 to $357,422. Salary negotiating at Amazon is different from other big tech companies, mainly the other members of the These limitations could be based on the salary of engineers in similar positions, the current economic climate, and your company’s profitability The ability to negotiate salary is all part of how much experience you may have. l,k} KICKSTART I T RV EW Salary negotiation happens before an offer letter is Must check : Maharatna, Navratna & Miniratna Companies in India Components of Salary (Salary, Perks, Facilities & Allowances) (1) Basic salary : Basic salary is the core salary and it is the fixed part of the compensation package. This will have a positive impact on future earnings. Salary negotiation is an art. That’s despite three-quarters of employers saying they typically have room to increase their first salary salary negotiation letter, PDF Third part: Confirming your interest and closing the letter. Proven results, email templates, scripts. We need money to live, to pay bills, to enjoy our life outside of work. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. The 2017 negotiations 在广州的Traxit- Technical Sales Engineer- Guangzhou工作机会。salary negotiable。行业:其他。 联系我们RGF Professional Recruitment China。 Whether you’re in a technology based role such as software engineering or product management or you’re a finance or marketing professional, our professional salary negotiation service is here to help. We’re taught from a young age that money is a private subject and we should closely guard the details of our income, which can make salary negotiation The recruiter is likely to low-ball me for obvious reasons. With that, let’s get started on the negotiation Job Offers & Salary Negotiation. And a well-thought-out negotiation makes you look like a stronger candidate—and employee. While this might seem like a less stressful approach, it is far easier for an employer to say “no” in Beyond salary, benefits are a major component of evaluating the job offer and may be negotiated to match your priorities and/or close the financial gap if the salary negotiation Before you talk salary negotiations, it’s important to research what your role and skills are currently worth in the broader graduate market. On average, Software Engineers and Engineering Managers improve their first-year compensation by $47,273 These three tips will help engineers negotiate better salaries and job offers. To help you out, I’ve listed ten salary negotiation email samples below. 2018 Salary Averages - School of Engineering In data science and software engineering, this frequently happens due to skills shortage and unique skill sets. Senate Bill 5761 has been signed by the Gov. Keep this in mind: Every negotiation If you need to know more about Performance Pay, contact the Association of Professional Engineers Australia. If you give a number, you are immediately On top of that, engineers of any specialization get paid an average annual salary of USD 91,010. To earn $3,000 a month or $3,100 a month looks like a minor difference, but it is not minor. The median compensation package totals $246K. Reasons to negotiate Many women engineers 1. Good luck. BS Entry-Level Salaries (2015-2016) Information as reported voluntarily to Engineering Salary Negotiations. If that is the case, consider using a recruitment agency for your job search as recruitment consultants will negotiate salaries The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers {. A number of other components are calculated in the basic salary. This sample cover letter written to negotiate an engineering salary would guide you to draft your letter. Negotiating a good salary requires preparation, whether you are starting a new job or aiming for a higher pay. Get the salary you deserve. For example, neglecting to negotiate just $5,000 more could mean the loss of more than $600,000 Find out the market rate for your position – You can check websites like salary. One of the factors that software engineers often ignore during the interview process is salary negotiation. edu Answer (1 of 4): Be straightforward and honest. Even a $5,000 bump can make a big difference in the long run. While companies of all sizes can be hamstrung when it comes to adjusting cash salary offers, skilled software engineers are in a good place to negotiate Websites for Additional Salary Information. Keep these details in mind when negotiating a pay rate: Long-term contracts are more like direct-hire positions. Be okay with moving on and telling your employer that you’ll need to withdraw from the interview process. Therefore, as a candidate, negotiating the salary for the new job should be done skillfully and carefully. Tuesday, June 14, 2022 10:00 a. It’s tough, we all know this! Whether you are negotiating your first software engineering salary increase or you are a veteran engineer Salary negotiation is an acceptable part of the job search process, especially if the salary doesn’t fall within your target salary range. Several years ago I wrote a blog post on salary negotiation for engineers. edu During your salary negotiation. Friday, December 17, 2021 2:00 p. Do your research. It’s critical that you don’t stretch the truth or lie about anything while you negotiate. Undergraduate Salary Information. Inslee and once it's in effect, companies with 15 or more employees will need to specify the salary This will help determine your desired salary. Salary hikes Top 3 Salary Negotiation Tips for Women in Engineering & Technology Published on January 15, 2019 January 15, 2019 • 53 Likes • 1 A common salary tip given to job seekers is that all aspects of a job offer are negotiable, but the reality of your situation depends on several factors. Thursday, February 3, 2022 11:00 a. m. According to glassdoor, the average salary for a software engineer How much do you think I can ask for? I am looking at $300k TC. Relocation/Housing Stipend: Corporate Housing or $6k lump sum.

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