Natasha romanoff x reader cancer. Black Widow and

Natasha romanoff x reader cancer. Black Widow and the … Natasha tilts her head, the hint of a smirk playing on her lips as she takes another step into your personal space. Summary: The Reader makes it their mission to give Natasha what she’d never had during childhood. Things are good. interactive fanfiction. Yup the Natasha Romanoff … Natasha’s hair was all over the place a light sheen of sweat shone on her body while Bucky was sweating and panting his hair stuck to his forehead. Natasha held the sheet to cover her chest and body and the rest covered Bucky’s waist down. ”. Age: 16. 2k A/N: This song came out less than 2 hours ago and I’m already obsessed. “I’m your needy little slut, Mommy. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader, Tony Stark x reader (Platonic), Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff. … Originally posted by theavengers a/n: welcome to my attempt at writing again, this is kinda all over the place so my apologies warnings: panic attack, mention of injury pairing: natasha romanoff x reader summary: what natasha looses control, the reader … Partners: Agent Maria Hill and Agent Natasha Romanoff “Black Widow ” Pairing Name: Martasha | SHIELD WivesRead More » Archived Recs May 2022 (2) April … Natasha Romanoff X Reader Natalia Romanoff X Reader Black Widow X Reader Red Room X Avengers X Assassin Natasha Romanoff X Cousin. “Now come on, Let’s get out of here so you can show me some of those famous flexible moves you do all the time”. Sort by: Hot. Pairing: GN! Reader x Natasha Romanoff - Platonic/ Romantic, up for interpretation…. thank you @lesbian-deadpool for finding this!! natasha romanoff imagine natasha romanoff fanfiction natasha romanoff x reader natasha romanoff black widow black widow x reader … Natasha Romanoff X Reader: Midnight Cuddles. dancing), damnscarlett(@damnscarlett), main ho3(@emsprivatestoryy) . Nat x Reader. Summary: Y/N and Natasha … Natasha mumbled as she set You on the floor of the basement. Originally posted by … The topic natasha romanoff gp x reader lemon is about the role that she has perfrom in different movies in her own biography. When you find out that Clint and Natasha … Natasha watched you carefully with a smile tugging at her lips. … While Natasha was on a mission, you decided to get a tattoo. Word Count: 9. madz. [Main Masterlist]The sound of the front door opening has your … She smiled as she looked up at you a bit, fixing some of your stray hairs. 3 months ago on January 19, 2022 … Submit. Natasha … Crescent [MoonKnight!Reader x Natasha] Natasha is sent to infiltrate a prestigious art family in New York, that is hunting for an ancient and dangerous tomb. Originally posted by mcufam. Pairing: Natasha x Reader; Wanda x Reader Warnings: 18+ … Warnings: Mild Violence, Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader Word Count: 900+ I was about my daily business, which, I must admit was pretty boring, aside from the field … Instead of telling them about it, you let your eyes wander down to the table in front of you, finding the glass of water. TW: none! Words: 1k ish. “Yeah, I do. There is an awkward silence between the two of you before you introduce yourself, having made up your mind to trust the person: “Y/N…Y/N Y/L/N” you say putting your hand out for the person to shake “Natasha Romanoff… you whisper, trying to make your voice sound as soothing as you could. Just some plotless fluff between WandaNat/Reader … Domestic Bliss. Authors Note: This has been … Natasha x Reader (Y/N) - Female Re by WIS-Kid. You send her a wink. MARVEL. Remember that you are … ↣ I only WRITE f!reader by default, but I'm open to gn!reader if someone requested. parings: natasha romanoff x fem!reader. You soaked up as much of this as you could, holding onto Natasha… Natasha Romanoff x Reader Summary - Accidentally catching Nat dance one made you realise how much the two of you depend on each other Not my GIF! Originally posted by darkcrysbabe213 Keep reading natasha … PAIRING: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader/OFC. out-laws. Prompt: “You can hate me, you can dislike me, but how can you cheat on me?” “You’re right … Romanoff Special Reader Fem X Fem Natasha Romanoff X Femreader Natasha X Reader. … Natasha Romanoff x Reader Summary: Your girlfriend decides to take a call in the middle of something, so you decided to get her back but not in a sinful way. It’s impossible … Follow/Fav Natasha Romanoff One Shots By: OnceUponABlackWidow Just some one shots about Natasha/Black Widow, because she deserved so much better. “Natasha… Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Natasha Romanoff x Gender Neutral Reader Word Count: 802 A/N: I went in the age-regression route if that’s okay. Watching out … Natasha rolled her hips at a painstaking pace, every contour of her dampened flesh felt against your centre as you squealed out in stark desire for her. Prompt: Reader-chan has a nightmare and Natasha tries to help. Natasha … Natasha Romanoff x Reader Word Count: 1. “Natasha… You and your friends are together at Tony and Pepper’s house now, celebrating Christmas in a small gathering of friends. 734 notes. word count: 5. Summary: After your mission went wrong, you are offered the chance to call one person for the last time. Prompt: Reader having an extreme panic attack while trying to get out of the walls, and has flashbacks of her mother’s death. I’m doing … UNFORESEEN. Warnings/Tags: Rimming, Light Dom/Sub, Fingering. Nov 29, 2018. Nothing she hasn’t done before. You hid your worried frown, hyper-aware that all the little aches of being pregnant must be adding up for her. 5. You noticed her looking at you and looked at her very confusedly. Originally posted by mutantofhellskitchen. 5, after finding out that Yelena was sent to kill Clint, he goes to the one person he thinks will have the answers to his problem, Natasha… 6 Stories. Y/N is the child of Tony Stark. Summary: Waking up and realising you’d been kidnapped was bad enough but when the door finally opens, things get complicated. When they get the call for another child both moms … Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader. Summary: When Y/n sees Natasha alone and without her boyfriend, it’s a sign to take a chance on love. only pretty faces (♚) forever asking for it. Wanda and Natasha were called … Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova, fem!reader (platonic) Summary: A training session with your older sisters reminds you why you cannot, and never will be able to beat them on the mat. Warnings: Smut (18+ only, read at your own risk), language. Summary: Everyone knows Natasha Romanoff is in love with you. “Nat, please-” you begged. Summary: Moving to Ohio you didn’t expect anything great to come from it. She spends he femalereader. It was either you or Natasha… Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Natasha Romanoff x Gender Neutral Reader Word Count: 802 A/N: I went in the age-regression route if that’s okay. Keep reading. Natasha was sent on a secret mission to hack the computer of a … You said, putting your arm around her shoulders. It was the kind of love that consumed you wholly and … NSFW Nat Headcanons ⚠︎. steve rogers. And that was your cue. You ran … pietro maximoff. Natasha takes you into her arms and kisses your forehead “I’m sorry she keeps hurting you. Her lips twisted in a … Summary: When you think you have something with Natasha, she makes it clear it’s not what you think. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader Summary: Natasha wants a family and so do you (fluff) Word Count: 604 (drabble) Warning: None. Rated: Fiction K+ … All Too Well College!Natasha Romanoff x Reader Word Count: 5K A/N: Happy Birthday @reminiscingtonight. pairing: natasha romanoff x reader. Avengers As Parents. loose cannon. Same mission, different people. Becoming close with him and his family. She’s … Natasha visibly cringed, fully able to imagine what they were doing to you. You’re the best, I hope you have a year as awesome as you. Summary: Your … In 2010, the year in which the character, called only Natasha Romanoff, made her film debut in Iron Man 2, the Black Widow received two separate miniseries. Amir Rasheed Natasha Romanoff GP x reader … Three days ago, Natasha, Wanda, Steve, Thor, and Bruce had left for a special mission. Warnings: Trauma. ↣ I STRICTLY DO NOT write self-harm, racism, incest ↣ I STRICTLY DO NOT … Natasha Romanoff x Reader: Good Enough. While your friendship with the two Avengers is anything but conventional, they are your all-time favorite people. You are sitting on the sofa, … You’re not touching yet, her body merely dances around yours, but she burns you like a thousand suns, almost melting you to your knees, heating your cheeks, your bloodstream and heartbeat. these are all from my tumblr @/natsfirecat all are written with the intent of fem reader but some don't use any gendered pronouns for reader aNYWAYS enjoy besties :D. Watch popular content from the following creators: . Warnings: fluff, tickling, very slight mentions of violence in a training context, swearing. Hello :3 here is my guide to all of my work that will be posting, this is mainly Yelena, Natasha, Wanda and Wandanat writing but I’m open to … If you're looking for updates I sorry I'm done with this book honestly not too proud of it and I wrote this a year ago Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Bruce Banner. editz(@. Sent undercover to investigate William Cain, suspect to funding terrorism and smuggling weaponry. Discover more posts about natasha romanoff fluff, natasha romanoff fanfic, natasha romanoff x you, natasha romanoff imagine, natasha romanoff x reader, black widow x reader, and Natasha romanoff … After you fell asleep. … Loving Natasha Romanoff was…different. The scratches Liho gave you didn’t hurt a lot, but it did hurt that the cat Natasha … The twins blew out their birthday candles on their own cakes, grinning when all of the Avengers and family friends clapped and applauded. Summary: You are decided to not let Natasha run away, this time. sam wilson. As she pointed the barrel of her gun at you. Romanoff Summary: Natasha can’t stand seeing the reader flirting with someone else, even if it’s for a mission. Notes: 5 year age gap (reader/natasha). Natasha had … If you're looking for updates I sorry I'm done with this book honestly not too proud of it and I wrote this a year ago Taste. 31. Natasha had … Summary: Wanda grew tired of their relationship, but did something wrong to end it. Hot. She was laying down right next to me as my head laid on her shoulder. Next was the gloves, … Summary: You’ve come down with the flu, so your girlfriends take care of you. summary: Au// inspired by Hawkeye ep. Main Masterlist | Natasha Romanoff … most of you said that you want more comedic videos so here you go all! i am starting a series with comedic marvel videos please let me know what you think ab Loving Natasha Romanoff was…different. A/N: in this fic the reader is Natasha …. Main Masterlist. Summary: It was another mission Natasha was assigned to. Muttering Russian curse words as she saw … Remember, they’re married! Series Masterlist. submit. Warnings: angst, cheating, heartbroken reader. Under the disguise of Natanya Rovinski, Natasha … Natasha stared at you for a moment and narrowed her eyes, thinking of what to do to make you stay and then an idea popped in her head. 6K 55. 1. Summary: Natasha’s birthday will never be the same for you. 1. Definitely didn’t expect to make any friends. “Introducing little widow. text post. So the avengers are just chilling in the common room area and they’re just … title: none of you. fury. Summary: Natasha and Reader are happily married with a family that rivals the Brady bunch. Warnings: Detail of what … Discover short videos related to natasha romanoff x female reader on TikTok. This is my entry for the Women of Marvel x Reader Exchange (2021) @marvelxreader… archive. Natasha romanoff x avengers!fem!reader. Until you come into her life, determined to show her … Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff x Reader. She discovers that she has powers, that she has family and that she even is a demigod. You stay in her arms for a while. My Girls - Stories Better Than Movies. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader. Talks That Break Hearts - Talks That Mend Hearts. 1K 793 50. Just some plotless fluff between WandaNat/Reader … Natasha had said multiple times that you had nothing to worry about, that she loved you. Summary: Sequel to Stone Cold (Find it … Reader. warnings: major character death, the usual angst, language near the end. But as you look at how Natasha … All Play, No Work - ( Reader walks in on Ryan yelling at Natasha) Love Is For Children - (Natasha reveals to her family that she’s getting divorced) Missing in Action - ( Reader worries that Natasha will miss Ryan’s first Christmas) Keep Quiet (NSFW, 18+, Minors DNI) (Reader and Nat after a proposal) Let It Snow (Reader and Natasha … Unknown Betrayal. (Angst, Cheating) Getaway car: Runners, deserters, traitors, those were the words you’d use to describe you and Natasha… You looked up and saw Natasha’s eyes close at the touch of your lips. Now its go down trying or die doing nothing, Natasha… Natasha Romanoff x Reader One Shots DaisyErina Chapter 21: Something New Chapter Text Something New Request for wolf girl 4797 A/N: Sequel to “Kissing in the … Natasha sighed, letting go of your hand. 1K 171 15. She held my hand as she held the book with her other hand. Granting both you and Natasha … My little red ballerina pt 2Natasha Romanoff x [GN]Blind!ReaderWarning: Mentioning the red room, small flashbacks and headcanon that … archive. Natasha Romanoff was taught to keep moving even if others get left behind, until she was found by SHIELD. One-shots: Illicit Affairs: You were falling for Natasha and, despite being with Bruce, she couldn’t hold her feelings for you back. (Song Inspired: Boyfriend - Dove Cameron) Genre: Fluff. the handmaiden - [natasha x reader] - 1. Her eyes were firmly on the passenger in the back: your baby boy, one judge’s approval and you would officially adopt little Peter. “Give us the redhead and we’ll let you go,” the interrogator offered. # 1. editz), natsha Romanoff’s Wife(@aggressively. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x f!reader, Wanda Mamimoff x f!reader… Ocean Day-trip (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)Hiya there @natasharomanoffswife!I hope you like it. New. Natasha … Natasha stared at the screen as the music played, ready to win. You just came back from a 2-week long business trip from Dubai and you are dying to be with your fiancé and soon to be wife Natasha again. banner … Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader. wanda maximoff. Remember, they’re married! Series Masterlist. Dividers by @firefly-graphics. It was a whirlwind of excitement, danger and passion. Originally posted by something--mcu. Unfortunately for her, she got held back as the countdown ended. You pouted, but quickly turned your head to the side as she took off her jacket. 5K. Your teeth began chattering as Natasha … Please note that this story does not glorify depression and everything that comes with it. "Natasha!" you say, this time, effectively gaining her … Natasha Romanoff, the intimidatingly, scary, spy who could easily kill you in two seconds if she wanted to, liked you back. mindofwesley. Warning/s: None except still angsty af. One day ago, his niece and goddaughter Y/N had practically stumbled into the Avengers … tags = http: hope. Natasha Romanoff x Male!Reader. Warning: 18+ (General) Status: On-going. natasha romanoff ♞. editz), . Natasha and you pulled up to the courthouse. And she came with an older sister, Natasha. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff/Reader. Now she’s back but you forgot to tell her about it. A/N: I’m sick, so I’m writing this while I can still focus on something. *Her life is like a rollercoaster. Words: 458. female characters; natasha romanoff. “No!” you cried. “I-I’m…” you sucked in a breath, unable to steady it. But you did end up meeting your best friend, Yelena. "My love for you consumes me," Natasha … 18+ : ♚ - marked red - minors dnr. Your arm snaked all the way around Natasha… HBD. yelena belova. Warnings: smut, g!p Natasha… I laid in my hospital bed, smiling as I heard Natasha's voice read my favorite book to me. Without doing much more then blink once, you let … Natasha Romanoff - Masterlist. Me and nat were walking in Times Square going to little shops to buy Christmas gifts for secret Santa. join ‘hope’ taglist. Originally posted by … Natasha Romanoff x Reader. Main Masterlist | Natasha Romanoff … Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader. romanoff. You zipped up your suit, pulling the tight sleeves down, so they enclosed the bottom of your hands. [Loosely based on this incorrect quotes] Genre: Fluff & comedy. Word count: 486. tony stark. You were freezing from being soaking wet. It was cold. Do not hesitate to reach out to someone if you are struggling. . Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader. … Natasha Romanoff x Reader Word Count: 2. nat x y/n nat x you natasha x female reader nat x female reader natasha romanoff natasha romanoff smut natasha x fem!reader black widow smut black widow natasha x reader… 23 | she/her | requests closed | reader inserts | masterlist | AO3 Natasha Romanoff x Child!Reader Summary : Nightmare are awful, but your mom is always here to comfort you. She told you Steve was just a friend. Her eyes are staring straight ahead as her body shakes. [Wanda decides to stop watching your memories] ———————–. Enjoy :) Summary: You would expect betrayal from anyone but not the one you once wanted to marry…. +. You let her; meet her halfway even. natasha x reader natasha romanoff natasha fluff natasha angst masterlist natasha romanoff fluff natasha romanoff … 19 // Bisexual // 🇬🇧🇳🇱 Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Warning: Angst AN: Soulmate AU in which your soulmates last words to you are written on your wrist Keep … Natasha Romanoff x Child!Reader Summary : Nightmare are awful, but your mom is always here to comfort you. New Family (Natasha X Romanoff!Reader) A Made Meal (Avengers X Rogers!Reader) Wasting Life (Tony Stark X Stark!Reader) A Better Life (Avengers X Reader) My Father, Steve Rogers (Steve Rogers X Rogers!Reader) Runaway (Avengers X Reader) Natasha Romanoff x Reader Word count: 250Warnings: catcalling, language, nat says violent things <3Prompt: hello love! may i request wanda and nat (separately, not together) x fem!reader … Dating Natasha Romanoff Would Include (Requested) • Her being suave and cocky • Witty one-liners and jokes, she’d try and push you away at first scared by how … You’re not touching yet, her body merely dances around yours, but she burns you like a thousand suns, almost melting you to your knees, heating your cheeks, your bloodstream and heartbeat. 2K. #natasha romanoff x daughter!reader #natasha x daughter!reader #mama nat #natasha x teen reader #natasha romanoff x teen!reader #natasha's child #natasha's kid #natasha romanoff … Pairing/s: Wanda Maximoff x fem!reader Previous Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader A/N: Let’s just pretend that Arishem didn’t kidnap some of the Eternals … Playing Cupid | Natasha Romanoff x Reader. natasha… She Worries (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)Hey, @depressed-sorta-writer, this one’s for you! I hope you like this! This is my entry for the @marvelxreaderfanfictionfest Women of Marvel xReader … Part One. "You look really pretty, (Y/N)," you heard someone from behind you, it was your girlfriend, Natasha… Natasha never once removing her palm from the side of your head, keeping you tightly pressed into the wall. Summary: Where Yelena and Kate traps Peter into a web of lies and eventually creating something more than a cheeky prank. You prove her right. 8K A/N: Based on a lovely prompt by the even lovelier @wickedmuses for ‘You and Nat falling in love as she deals with Clint’s … Mission Part 2 - Natasha x Reader. Fandom: Marvel. natasharomanoffxreader. tends to stick around: part 1. Suddenly feeling a surge of confidence, you leaned … 144K 5. Natasha Romanoff x reader oneshots by emerson_writes18. You watched as Natasha removed her top, along with her bra, just leaving her jeans on before she stripped You completely. Everyone knows you are in love with Natasha Romanoff… Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x reader Warnings:I don’t really think there is any. notes: do i … You said, putting your arm around her shoulders. As the words left your mouth, Natasha … Hi I have a Natasha Romanoff x avenger Reader request, it’s fluffy and kinda suggestive. Warning: Death >:), just prepare some tissues. Plot: There was no way around it. Words : 533 Warnings : Nightmare. She evidently ends up seeing it and she likes it more than … See a recent post on Tumblr from @once-upon-a-thigh about Natasha romanoff smut. He announced. The Surrogate - A freak end of the world incident leads to meeting your two best friends, Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff. 8K A/N: Based on a lovely prompt by the even lovelier @wickedmuses for ‘You and Nat falling in love as she deals with Clint’s … Summary: Love is a foreign concept to Natasha Romanoff, and she’s convinced she isn’t deserving of it. Requests are open, so feel free to send in requests and I will do my best to get them … this fic is ‘What I Need’ by @saltybaltic. A few tears made their way down her face. Just don’t break rule number 4. You jolted up, a scream rising in … Lover’s Embrace (Natasha Romanoff x Reader) Warnings: DUB-CON, NON-CON, vampire!Natasha, corruption, bloodplay, loss of virginity, murder. You pouted, but quickly turned your head to the side as she … The young girl was Natasha Romanoff, though what had happened to her had been a total mystery, ripped away from you never to return again. You had spent the prior day in a state of unknowing frivolity, Natasha… Main Masterlist. You noticed her looking at you … Natasha Romanoff Would Include! Being Natasha’s Adopted Teen Daughter. Word count: 3k. 2. Cold Sheets & Empty Seats. Originally posted by jakespeed207. She cupped your cheeks and gave you a kiss that lasted a few seconds before pulling back. It was the kind of love that consumed you wholly and … Originally posted by theavengers a/n: welcome to my attempt at writing again, this is kinda all over the place so my apologies warnings: panic attack, mention of injury pairing: natasha romanoff x reader summary: what natasha looses control, the reader … A/N: yesss! Possessive |N. You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror, slightly tugging at the dress you were currently wearing. Meeting Clint first out of all the Avengers. Y/N shot her arms out sending Bucky into a corner and pulling Natasha … Clint left you waiting around the corner you weren’t to come out till he said one specific word. Book 1 A girl accidentally text a wrong number, which turns out to be Natasha Romanoff! Natasha x reader contains: - swearing - mental illnesses - fluff - drugs enjoy~ Completed. … december 3rd. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #natasharomanoffxyn, #natasharomanoffedit, #natasharromanoff . Requested by anon: Please do something with male reader and bottom Nat with a breeding kink and maybe even some of the position where reader is holding Natasha … Natasha Romanoff - Freeform natasha romanoff x reader - Freeform Fluff Reader Insert Language: English Series: ← Previous Work Part 7 of the Avengers x Reader … Gymnastics (Platonic!Natasha Romanoff x Reader) 100 Word Prompt Challenge Day 12: Vault Day 11: NameSummary: You and Natasha have … we'll say hello again. Warning: 18+ (General) Main Masterlist | Natasha Romanoff … The Loud House. Just a Little … Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time.

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